5 Lessons from South Park Episodes that Will Boost Your Marketing

By Hassan Ud-deen On Sep 22, 2015

South Park is one of the most controversial and well-written series ever.

It has cause countless bouts of laughter, frivolous fart jokes, controversial topics, and storylines that are as absurd as they are thought provoking.

Each episode delivers a provocative lesson that stirs our beliefs about society, morality and humanity. But, its episodes are also crammed with lessons that can enhance your marketing.

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Social Media Automation –  Establish Authority without Lifting a Finger

By Eric Carlson On Sep 10, 2015

Twitter. Facebook.  Google+. Pinterest. Tumblr. Who has time to manage ALL of these social media accounts, especially when you are trying to run your business?

In this post, I’m going to show you how to automate your social media and establish your authority without having to write a new post or having to log into 5 different social media accounts each day.

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One Simple Trick to Increase Open Rates by 30%

By Eric Carlson On Sep 10, 2015

The “Double-Open” Open-Rate Cheat Sheet — How to Increase Your Open Rates by 30% or More in Just a Few Minutes

Are you constantly looking for edge to increase your open rates? Maybe you’ve tried different headlines?

Maybe you’ve tried sending out emails at different times of the day?  Well, while all of these are good things to try and test, the “cheat” I’m going to teach you is so insanely simple and effective, you are going to ask yourself “why didn’t I think of that?”

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How to Discover the "Right Audience" For Your Facebook Ads

By Eric Carlson On Sep 10, 2015

The answer is simple, it's who you are targeting. If you're ad isn't getting to the right target audience nothing else you do matters.

In this cheat sheet, I’m going to show you how to find new targets for your business by using Facebook’s Audience Insights (located inside of your Facebook ad account).

This is the same method I’ve used to find new targets for campaigns that have generated millions for my clients.

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The Cold Email "Profit Maximizer"

By Joshua Krafchin On Sep 10, 2015

Cold email prospecting is a numbers game but one that can be an incredible source of new business leads.

Those leads at the end of the day cost money, anywhere from .10 - $5 per email sent, so you want to make the most of them.

Even if you get everything right from an email and list perspective, sourcing leads often requires a larger, more holistic support structure for your email prospecting.

This cheat sheet lays out the steps to give yourself the best chance to make email prospecting work.

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