The Non-Spammy Guide to Link Building

By Brian Clay On Sep 10, 2015

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a list of hundreds or thousands of sites that would link back to your site?

There are a lot of other ways to build link opportunity lists. This is what I've found works best. Follow the steps below I'll show you how to identify a large number of link opportunities very quickly.


What the heck is a link opportunity? My definition is a site with a high probability of linking back to your site.

Here are the steps to follow to get that done. 

Step 1: Lay Your Foundation

Before you ever start linking building you need to make sure you site is properly optimized to rank for your keywords. 

You also need to make sure you carefully select your keywords and optimize your landing pages for your keywords.

Step 2: Assemble an Arsenal of Tools

For this process you need the following tools:

  1. Link Clump (free)

  2. Ahrefs ($79/mo)

  3. BuzzStream ($15/mo)

  4. Google (your privacy) :)

Step 3: Build Your List

There are two main methods for building a list of URLs that will link back to you.

  1. Look at your competitor's links (highest quality)

  2. Google Power Search (fastest and cheapest)

In order to see you competitors back links you need to grab their URL and throw it into Ahrefs. Go to Ahrefs > Site Explorer. Then copy and paste your competitor's URL into the search bar and hit search links. Now in the left column go to Referring Domains and click export in the top right corner. You will want to repeat this for each competitor

Now combine all your spreadsheets together and get rid of everything except the column that has domains in it. All you need are the domains.

Now let’s add to that list of domains using Google Power Searching. Make sure you are using the Chrome browser and go to Google. Do a power search related to topics and keywords you are trying to rank for. I recommend doing a blog power search. It will look something like this: blog:your topic or keyword.

Google will do a search of blogs related to your keywords. These are prime candidates for link opportunities.  

Next, go to your Linkclump settings. To get there go to chrome://extensions/ and click options. Then under actions click edit. Set mouse button to left, option key to shift and most importantly select Copied to Clipboard as the action. Hit save and go back to your power search.


Start in the top left corner and hold shift-left click- and drag your mouse down over the Google search results. Once you reach the bottom of the page go to your spreadsheet and simply paste the domains into the column where you are keeping your list. Repet this until you have enough domains. I would recommend no less than 500.


Step 4: Put Your List on Buzzstream

Now that you have your list put it into Buzzstream. It will automatically find contact info for each domain and remove any duplicates. You will need to do a little cleanup to remove sites where no contact info was found. Now go start your outreach!




There you have it, a strategy to start driving traffic to your site and building credibility in search results. This cheat sheet will require approximately 2 hours to execute. 



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