The Cold Email "Profit Maximizer"

By Joshua Krafchin On Sep 10, 2015

Cold email prospecting is a numbers game but one that can be an incredible source of new business leads.

Those leads at the end of the day cost money, anywhere from .10 - $5 per email sent, so you want to make the most of them.

Even if you get everything right from an email and list perspective, sourcing leads often requires a larger, more holistic support structure for your email prospecting.

This cheat sheet lays out the steps to give yourself the best chance to make email prospecting work.


Step 1: Do retargeting via Google and Facebook

Not everyone will immediately respond to an email, but they may check out your website and put you in their consideration process.

Retargeting is inexpensive (only pay for clicks), and it’s an incredible opportunity to reinforce your value proposition and add clincher concepts into the buying process.

Step 2: Make sure your website is awesome

Assume that people will research your company, even if the only mention of it is in the email address from which the prospecting email was sent. Figure you have about 30 seconds of a prospect’s focus time to decide whether you and your company are worth their time.

Pretend you’ve never seen your website before … are you inclined to learn more or ignore? At a minimum, make sure nothing is broken and all information is up-to-date.

Step 3: Write one great thought leadership piece

Case study, blog post, white paper, all are good. Try using this content in one of your email prospecting follow up emails. Push it through your social media handles. Link to it from retargeting.

Get it published somewhere trusted. People book meetings from email prospecting to connect directly with an expert. Prove you’re an expert, and you’ll get more bookings.


Time Requirements:

  • A day or two of solid work.

Resources Required:

  • AdWords and Facebook Ads accounts
  • A designer/developer to implement website changes
  • The internet

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Joshua Krafchin

Written by Joshua Krafchin

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