One Simple Trick to Increase Open Rates by 30%

By Eric Carlson On Sep 10, 2015

The “Double-Open” Open-Rate Cheat Sheet — How to Increase Your Open Rates by 30% or More in Just a Few Minutes

Are you constantly looking for edge to increase your open rates? Maybe you’ve tried different headlines?

Maybe you’ve tried sending out emails at different times of the day?  Well, while all of these are good things to try and test, the “cheat” I’m going to teach you is so insanely simple and effective, you are going to ask yourself “why didn’t I think of that?”


This “cheat” is so easy, it only requires a few minutes worth of work, and doesn’t require you write a new email. 

Step 1: Send Out an Email

In this step, you’ll send out an email just like you normally would; we are going to call this “Email #1”.

Step 2: Do Whatever You Want for the Next 3 Days

Over the next three days, do whatever you want. Maybe this means you are building your business or maybe it means you are going on a vacation. Whatever you decide to do for the next three days is up to you!

For me, it's dancing chihuahuas. 



Step 3: Segment the People Who Didn’t Open Email #1

Log into your email service provider (ESP) and segment out all of the people who didn’t open “Email #1” (note: most ESPs allow you to do this); we’ll call this segment “Email #1 Non-Opens”.

Step 4: Write a New Headline for Email #1 & Send it Out to Your Non-Opens

Open up Email #1, write a new headline, and then send it to your “Email #1 Non-Opens” segment.


Smile because you just increased your open rates :)

Say “Email #1” had an open rate of 26%. Then the second email you sent out to your “non-opens” had an open rate of 13%, YOU just got a little under 40% of your email list to VIEW your email.

While this is an easy “cheat,” it is quite effective. Make sure to try it out the next time you send out an email.

Time Requirements:

  • The “cheat” can be executed in just a few extra minutes (but may require a few days of waiting).

Resources Required:

  • Email Service Provider Account (i.e. ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, aWeber)
  • List of People to Email



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